Suction Dryer

Vac Dry

Our unique high-speed suction drying system


    • Strong suction + large air volume
    • Reduced drying stains because of good liquid cutting performance
    • Significantly reduced drying time compared to other companies' hot air circulation methods (about 5 minutes)

CLEANVY’s unique point of Suction drying

1. Suction blower Multi-stage turbo blower is loaded High suction power High air volume
2. Mist separator Centriduge-type separator is loaded High mist removal performance Low pressure drop
3. Partition plate & Shield plate Optimizing the flow path

Standard specifications

Lineup KS-4030 KS-4040
Basket Size WxDxH (mm)xx 400x300x200 400x400x200
Air volume (m3/min)xx 28 35
Temperaturexx 60~100℃
*Option: Rotation function, Rotation basket