Hydrocarbon-Based One-Bath Type Cleaning/Drying Machine
Upper Loading/Unloading


CLOVA is a compact and low-cost model which adopts multi-bath’s technology and experience.
It can perform 4 process of a 3-bath automatic machine in a single Bath. (Upper Basket/ Input type)


    • The process is fully automated

    1st process:  rough vacuum ultrasonic washing
    2nd process: finish vacuum ultrasonic washing
    3rd process: vapor washing
    4th process: vacuum drying

    • Since the solvent does not touch the atmosphere at all, the solvent can be warmed enough. So the cleaning performance normally become better.
    • Rough and finished vacuum ultrasonic cleaning are also effective for cleaning parts with blind-hole and parts sticky each other
    • Distillers have higher distillation capacity than other companies and can be washed even with workpieces with fully of oil

Dryness/Running Cost

    • unique vacuum drying system achieves high dryness and solvent recovery
    • Low solvent consumption and significant reduction in running costs
    • Vacuum pumps are maintenance-free, less faulty, and more reliable than dry pumps
    • Heat medium oil life is reduced by 6,000 hours (= 3 to 4 times that of other companies) Heat medium oil cost, replacement frequency and downtime reduced by 1/3 to 1/4


    • 4 processes of this machine type are carried out under vacuum. systems with low oxygen levels and extremely high safety

Standard specifications

Lineup CLOVA-4030 CLOVA-6040
Basket size - Square: WxDxH (mm) - Rotation: φ x L (mm) 400x300x200 270x360 600x400x300 370x560
Ultrasonic 25kHz 1000W 25kHz 2000W
Vacuum pump 3.7kW 5.5kW
Booster pump 0.4kW 1.5kW
Distillation Unit 100L/h 200L/h
Holdings of solvent 300L 795L
Holdings of heating oil 30L 45L
Machine dimesions: WxDxH (mm) 1700x1720x1700 2020x2270x2100
Machine weight 1600kg 4000kg
* Ultrasonic can be changed to 40kHz
* Option:
Rotation function / Rotation basket
CO2 fire distinguisher
Basket Transfer unit