Emulsion Cleaning Machine


Excellent cleaning power for water-soluble, oil-based, and polished cleaning!


    Emulsion cleaning is a hydrocarbon solvent mixed with 10 to 15% water, and it is washed by ultrasonic waves in an emulsion (emulsification) state.

    • Conventional hydrocarbon solvents can only remove oily stains, but emulsion cleaning can remove a wide range of dirt from water-soluble to oily.
    • Water-soluble processed oil is not easy to remove when it dries, but it can be dropped well.
    • There is no rust generation in the emulsion cleaning solution.

Emulsion Cleaning Mechanism

    Emulsions consist of hydrocarbons, water, and surfactants, and by finely dispersing water, the surface tension is reduced, so dirt in narrow gaps can be removed.

Examples of Cleaning Systems