Electrolytic Mold Cleaning Machine


Standard type electrolytic ultrasonic cleaner recommended for mold cleaning!

What Does Electrolytic Cleaning Mean?

Electrolytic cleaning is a method of removing dirt from a metal surface by subjecting it as an electrode to an electric current in an electrolytic bath. It is a form of electroplating that can be applied to all electric conductive materials

a DC current is applied between an undissolved electrode and the workpiece to be cleaned. Cathodic reactions are applied for this system which the workpiece is made the cathode and a reduction reaction occurs at the surface. 

Hydrogen generates during the reaction produce a scrubbing effect on the surface of part and peel off the dirt on workpiece, as cleaning parts.

Cleaning Mechanism

    • Set the anode electrode after immersing the mold into the cleaning bath
    • The mold attaches to the basket which made the cathode
    • Hydrogen gas is generated between the mold and the dirt part with energization
    • Gas lifts dirt and peels off dirt with ultrasonic cavitation
    • Dirt surfaces up to the liquid surface with gas and is removed with a filter


    • Manual maintenance tends to cause scratches, but this machine does not cause any scratches and less clean uniformly.
    • Removes dirt from uneven areas that cannot be reached with brushes
    • Heating type improves cleaning performance
    • Reduction of molding defect rate and increase the lifespan of molds 
    • No toxic gas is emitted

Standard Specifications

Lineup ELIOS-4030 ELIOS-6040 ELIOS-8050
Basket Size WxDxH (mm) 400x300x200 600x400x350 800x500x500
Bath Volume 65L 115L 375L
Ultrasonic 40kHz 1000W 40kHz 2000W 40kHz 3000W
Heater 500W x 2 500W x 2 500W x 4
Filtration pump 100W (30L/min) 194W (60L/min) 194W (60L/min)
DC 15V, 50A 15V, 80A 15V, 120A
Dimension 1110x840x1300 1400x1000x1660 1870x1120x1800
Weight 250kg 400kg 600kg